Great Reasons to choose TRISTATE
1.We have a state of art computer server systems
2.We have a backup Generator, in case of power  outage
3.We have  a backup phone system and a backup internet system .  
This will allowed  us to service your company  in any conditions  that may arise.
We are open from 8:00 Am to 8:00 Pm 
So your customers can contact us to setup  appointment to have there vehicle
5. All of our Appraisers have  10+ Experience
6. Fully Insured To Include Errors and Omissions Liability, Workers Compensation
 as well as Non Owned Vehicles.
7. Professional and Courteous Staff
8. We are not a dispatch appraisal company, like PDA, SCA or Other. All our appraiser Work for us. We do not dispatch  our work out other company to do your inspection.
9. We will be cover more areas in New York 5 Brought, Long Island, Up State New York,New Jersey ,Florida ,Georgia,Pennsylvania,Tennessee
10. We also have drive in claims center in the 5  Brought of new city for your customer to get there vehicle inspected at.